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Monthly WordPress Maintenance and Update

$100.00 / Months

As a website platform, WordPress – like any other software product – comes in versions. These versions include different characteristics and features. From one version to the next, the website will change for the better. New features will be implemented and security flaws will be fixed, and so on. By not upgrading the website platform software, your site may easily become the target of hackers.

Updating WordPress is an essential part of the web maintenance process and you shouldn’t skip it. Some web hosting services handle updates on their own, without requiring you to do anything. Choose this method if you’re not good with technology and making technical changes. Doing it yourself is not too complicated, though, as long as you read tutorials and stay informed about website maintenance.

Web maintenance should be included on any website owner’s budgeting list. Keeping a site secured and comfortable to use are two goals that all people have when they invest time, effort, and money into a site. Considering how low the website maintenance cost can get, it’s a small price to pay for success. – Read More

What you get:

  • All Wordpress , Theme & Plugin Updates*
  • Scheduled Site Backups
  • Up-Time Monitor ( 5 Minute intervals )
  • Security Monitoring & Basic Preventable Cleanup
  • Basic Site changes – Up to 1 hour( Links, Pictures )
  • Site Development Discounts (Standard Rate of $50/hour)

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