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QR Code Marketing in 2022


QR Codes have been around for a very long time, but not until ios11 did the iPhone natively accept them through their cameras! With time comes a load of features that have been developed and can be used when it comes to QR Code Marketing in 2021. Today you have the ability through our custom QR Code Marketing Program to indulge in all that we here at online printing offer when it comes to QR Code Marketing in 2021.  View the overview of our QR Code solutions Below!

  • QR Codes on Business Cards QR Code* :
    • With this solution, you get a mobile Website for your business or private use optimized for modern smartphone browsers.
    • Provide your clients or contacts, your contact details as a digital business card and include your links to the most important social networks. This way your contact data will easily find its way into the address books of your business partners and friends!
  • Lead Generation with QR Codes
    • Use this this solution to have an centralized location when collecting information from potential clients or leads.
    • QR Code Marketing in 2021 can also be used to gather feedback and reviews, or offer coupons to your customers. If a user discloses his contact information, he will receive a link to a voucher, e-book or other exclusive digital content in return by e-mail.
      • Free Email solution included ( Hubspot Free CRM )
      • Custom Solutions also available!
  • App Download QR URL Redirects
    • If you advertise your App on a flyer or poster, you can use a single QR code to redirect to the appropriate App Store from Apple, Google, Amazon or Microsoft.
  • PDF Download QR Code Marketing in 2021 for your Digital Menu
    • Give you Current, or Potential Customers a PDF of your digital menu. This also gives you an alternative to your paper menus.
  • QR Codes on Products
      • Sell your products by simply adding a name, brand, description and an image. You can also set an optional contact or purchase link. All products have unique solutions for QR Code Marketing in 2021 that leads to their mobile optimized product landing page.
  • Real Estate QR Codes
    • Get a Responsive Landing page for your Real Estate company.
      • A potential customer that scans the QR Code next to the property immediately gets all necessary information like photos, price, size and contact details on his Smartphone.
      • Link to your personalized contact page with Lead Gen or Contact information Forms.
  • Your Custom Coded and Branded QR Code Marketing in 2021
    • Don’t see it here? The possibilities are endless, and at the sake of your eyes, contact us for a custom configuration and we will create to your hearts desire!




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